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  • 30 Subscribers: We have a maximum of 30 subscribers per list.
  • ​Minimum of 8 Leads: Every day (Mo-Fri) you will receive a minimum of 8 leads. We add more as a bonus.
  • Minimum of 30% ROI: The ROI is between 45% - 95% but always a minimum of 30%.
  • Minimum Profit of $3: The profit is between $4 - $11 on average but always a minimum of $3.
  • Realistic Profits: We include $0.40/lbs inbound shipping fees and 1 month storage fees when we calculate profits and margins!
  • ​​100+ Average Monthly Sales: Leads on average have between 50 and 300 sales per month. We also have leads that are 2,000+ sales a month.
  • ​​IP Safe: All of the leads in our lists are checked for any IP complaints/issues. We do not add any leads that could potentially do harm to your account.
  • BONUS Material​ Worth $750
  • BONUS - Discord Group ($59 Value) FREE
  • BONUS - Ungating Guides ($399 Value) FREE
  • BONUS - Our Ultimate Secret ASIN Ebook ($199 Value) FREE
  • ​​BONUS - IP Brands Warning List ($99 Value) FREE
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$49 Per Month


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