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The fastest and easiest way to source products for Amazon FBA Sellers doing Online Arbitrage!

How do I find Online Arbitrage Leads and how do I help you?

I used to be an extreme couponer and a Personal Shopper. I am an expert when it comes to finding the right product. I believe that my expertise and my joy for shopping and sourcing can help you tremendously in your Amazon selling business!


You buy products online for a cheaper price at stores like Walmart, Target, BBB etc than that they are listed on Amazon. You then sell these items on Amazon to make a profit! Because it takes a lot of time and knowledge on what products to buy and sell, I am sharing my expertise by offering you a lead list that has these products listed for you! I will send you a list of 8-10 profitable products every day! Our list is super exclusive because we only allow a maximum of 30 people on a list!

Don’t believe people that tell you that Online Arbitrage (Retail Arbitrage) is not a valid business model! Online Arbitrage has been around forever and will continue to do so. You see if it everywhere, even though you may not realize. Look at the people selling Flowers, carpets, paintings etc on the side of the street or the Ice Cream Truck in your neighborhood. Online Arbitrage is easy to do BUT you need to know that rules that are in place. You can not just sell everything. I’ve been doing Online Arbitrage and Wholesale for 22 years. Yes… I’m that old.. but let that benefit you. I’ve always wanted to help other people succeed in what they do and this is my way of helping you get where you want to be.

Online Arbitrage:
Buying items online and resell

Retail Arbitrage:
Buying items in store and resell

Why you need a lead list

Lead lists are indispensable for Amazon Sellers doing Online Arbitrage or Retail Arbitrage. Sourcing for the right products takes a lot of time. A lead list provides you profitable items every day!

What makes us different

Mandy van Tuil has been in this business for over 22 years. She knows exactly what to look for in a winning product and still vets every single lead herself!

Claim Your FREE Lead List Now and Get These FREE Bonuses!


  • ​8-10 Leads Delivered Daily
  • ​Monday - Friday
  • ​$4 Min. Profit
  • ​40% Min. ROI
  • ​30 Members MAX
  • ​No 3rd Party Leads
  • ​ All leads are IP Alert Safe
  • ​Inbound Shipping Included in Estimated Profit
  • ​1- Month Storage Fee Included in Estimated Profit
  • ​Referral Fee Included in Estimated Profit
  • ​FBA Fees included in Estimated Profit

  • ​BONUS -  Discord Group ($59 Value) FREE
  • ​BONUS - Ungating Guides ($399 Value) FREE
  • ​BONUS -  Our Ultimate Secret ASIN Ebook ($199 Value) FREE
  • ​BONUS  - IP Brands Warning List ($99 Value) FREE

Lead List Criteria

8-10 Leads Daily

Every day you will received 8-10 leads delivered to your mailbox. We will also add bonus leads. Those are profitable leads but are not based on the specifications for the subscription you chose. It's just a little extra.

Monday-Friday at 8 am

We send our Lead List to you every day from Monday through Friday excluding major Holidays. As an example, that would be Thanksgiving/Christmas etc. Our lead list is scheduled to arrive every day at 8am PST. 

$4 Profit

Our Lead List will have a minimum of $4 profit. This is high compared to other providers. But prices on Amazon fluctuate a lot as you know and therefore the lead will still be profitable even if the price would be coming down. 

40% Minimum ROI per Lead

Just like out minimum profit we have a high standard for the ROI. We base this on the same principle as the profit. Even if the price tanks a little, you still make your money!

30 Members Max

Well, this is a good one. Only a maximum of 30 subscribers on this list! Once the list is full.. we open up a new one. And no matter how many subscriptions you have with us, leads are not shared among the different lists. 

No 3rd party Leads

3rd Party Leads are products you could sell from where the source is a 3rd party, like Ebay, Sears, Walmart Marketplace etc. We do not include these in our list so you won't get suspended for selling these items that are impossible to verify for authenticity.

Protected from IP Claims

All of our leads are checked for IP related issues. We have a list of brands that are known for filing IP claims, and any unknown brand is being vetted by us to make sure it's IP Issue safe. That means if you use our leads resources, you do not have to worry about IP claims. 

Genuine Profit Estimates

Unlike other lead list providers, we include the FBA Fees, Referral Fee,  Inbound Shipping Fees and 1 Month of storage fees to calculate the ROI and profit margin. Other providers don't show you this information an the profit they say a lead has is therefore unrealistic.

BONUS Material Worth $800 + !

We want you to be succesfull and we will provide you with all the tools we have available to make that happen. From our ungating guides, to ASIN and restricted brands lists and our exclusive community...It is all included in your paid subscription.


What others are saying about us

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"My income has tripled"

I didn't think a lead list was going to make such a difference in my business.  I signed up 4 months ago for the paid subscription and my income has tripled, I was able to quit my job last week!

- Josie Benedito

"Best Lead List Ever"

I've been selling on Amazon for 3 years and tried almost all lead list providers. Mandy's list always has different categories and brands and I find new products to sell in every list. 

- Natalie Rose

"So Easy To Use"

What I like the lead about the list from Mandy is that it's so easy to see what product fit my business the most. And you can always contact her if you have any questions and she is super helpful. 

- Erick Brown


Mandy van Tuil

I've been an entrepreneur my whole life. I started my first business when I was 17. I owned my own nail salon and did Private Label for 14 years. I moved to the US and started a new business as a Personal Shopper in 2012. I'm able to find all the good deals that others without my experience won't be able to find. I'm the perfect person who can run this business and provide you with the best leads for your Amazon Business!

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