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You can start TODAY! Go From Saving Money to making money with the first ever lead list for couponers!

Did you know that more than half of the items sold on Amazon are sold by people like you and me? It's called being a 3rd party seller on Amazon and you probably have seen and heard the term Amazon FBA here and there! I have been an Amazon Seller for over 5 years and been in this business (wholesale, private label and Online/Retail Arbitrage since 2001! I came to the US in 2010 and never heard about coupons, I was intrigued by this unique way of saving money and loved it from the start! Being a couponer and the combination of my skills as an entrepreneur, I believe I can help you become independent and successful as a seller on the largest selling platform like so many others have done before you!
This is not a get rich quick scheme... it takes time and dedication, but isn't that what being a couponer is about already?
Stop listening to the so called guru's online and join me... your couponing partner, and I'll help you get started and guide you every step of the way!

To help you navigate on what to sell... I'm offering my special Lead List for Couponers! 
I've been offering lead lists for the last year to Experienced Amazon sellers and now I created a special lead list for you!

What is a lead list?

A lead list is a lead created for Amazon Sellers so that they receive a daily list with products they can buy and sell for profit!

Why A Lead List For Couponers?

  • Excitement: Couponers have a level of excitement when they find a deal needed to be a better seller.
  • Frugal Mindset: Couponers are always on the lookout for deals! No matter where they are! You need to be frugal when you want to be successful on Amazon.
  • Math: Even if you need a calculator... couponers know how to calculate a deal. Being profitable is all about numbers!
  • Reason to Shop: Couponers don't need a reason to shop... it's their life! Being an Amazon Seller is exactly that!
  • Focus: You can't be distracted when doing a couponing deal... being distracted is one of the reasons Amazon sellers fail to grow. 
  • No 9-5 mentality: Couponers take finding deals very seriously and it's not a 9-5 mentality. If a deal presents itself.. you need to be ready to RUN! It's no difference when you need BOLO (Be On The Look Out) items to sell!

"Are You A Couponer Wanting to sell on Amazon but have no clue where to start? 
Sign Up for Our 5 day "From Couponer to Amazon Seller" Challenge!

Lead List For Couponers Doing Amazon FBA!

  • ​50 Subscribers: We have a maximum of 50 subscribers per list.
  • ​Unique to Couponers: Leads will have a mix of coupon leads and regular leads. Coupons that have a fine print "not authorized when used for resale of product" will not be listed.
  • ​Brickseek Leads Included: When we find a product on Brickseek that is available for purchase in most areas, they can be used as a lead.
  • ​Couponing Leads: Leads are valid with the use coupons, printable, digital, codes and rebates. Source how other sellers don't!
  • ​Minimum of 5 Leads: Every day (Mo-Fri) you will receive a minimum of 5 leads. We add more as a bonus.
  • ​Minimum of 40% ROI: The ROI is between 55% - 95% but always a minimum of 40%
  • Minimum Profit of $4: The profit is between $7 - $11 on average but always a minimum of $4
  • Realistic Profits: We include $0.40/lbs inbound shipping fees and 1 month storage fees when we calculate profits and margins! 
  • ​​100+ Average Monthly Sales: Leads on average have between 50 and 300 sales per month. We also have leads that are 2,000+ sales a month.
  • ​​IP Safe: All of the leads in our lists are checked for any IP complaints/issues. We do not add any leads that could potentially do harm to your account.
  • BONUS Material​ Worth $750
  • BONUS - Discord Group ($59 Value) FREE
  • BONUS - Ungating Guides ($399 Value) FREE
  • BONUS - Our Ultimate Secret ASIN Ebook ($199 Value) FREE
  • ​​BONUS - IP Brands Warning List ($99 Value) FREE

Not sure if this lead list is for you? Try out our lead list for free! 7 Day Trial Available!

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$119.00 Per Month


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